AGM03 Performances
AGM issue #0

Issue#0 was a pilot-issue of AGM (Annual General Meeting), a long-term project.
It took place in Trento (Italy) in 2003, hosted by “Sconfinart”, a private-public initiative with the aim to present various artistic formats and platforms in a single venue. “Sconfinart 2003” funded the AGM event.
Issue #0 was a performance event, in which 3 performances, “ENTER>NET”, “Gypsum” and “Light” were presented, highlighting different ways of approaching this artistic practice.

In this first event the organisatorial and curatorial aspects such as presentation to the audience, use of the location space, the 3-days-format event, collaborations with another structure in terms of budgeting and fees, and documentation means were critically assessed. Therefore Issue#0 was launched as a pilot project ought to be seen as a starting point for the future development of AGM.

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Trento (Italy) 10-11-12 October 2003......