_12 gaz-e

The gaz-e is an online digital platform which presents an ongoing collective research project that interrogates the ever-increasing digitised gaze. It does so by sourcing ‘headshot” from email inboxes (attached to or embedded in emails) and placing them in a virtual scape that constantly fluctuates the gaze ad infinitum.

Within the context of the internet we are constantly under the digital gaze. The World Wide Web embodies the notion of a Big Brother dystopia. Its subtle and undetectable collection and storage of information and personal data has developed a new panopticon machine. A result of this online digitised experience is the re-configuration of our own gaze, where data visualisation creates a new paradigm of this new way of seeing, within which pixels become elementary grammar.

The website constantly source and re-distribute the e-mail information flux of the gaze and place it on the World Wide Web. It is maintained by both algorithms and human agency.

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